Staff Application Format

Note: Remember to be honest and professional, Good Luck!

Notice: If you don't receive a response from the staff-team within 2 weeks, then you're automatically denied. Remember your manners, grammar and etiquette.

Warning: Please do not remind the staff that you've applied and ask them to review your application. (This will either get you automatically denied or lower your chances of getting accepted.)

Before applying, read the requirements:
• You must be over the age of 13.
• You must have microphone and be fluent in English.
• You must have not been denied less than 2 weeks ago.

Thread Title:
<Username>'s Staff Application
Example: Steve's Staff Application

Thread Format:

What is your in-game username?:
What is your age?:
Which timezone are you in?:
Which region are you from?:
Which language(s) do you fluently speak?:
How active can you be per day?:
Why do you want to be a staff member?:
Do you have staffing experience from any other servers?:
Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
What is your discord #ID?:
Do you understand that if you ask the staff to review your application you will be automatically denied?: